We make your current seat a custom-designed seat for half the cost of the expensive brand name seats. You get exactly what you want, while adding style and comfort to YOUR WILD RIDE.  Choose any or all of the below services and then add a custom cover to enhance the look of your ride. Customize your seat cover to match the COLOR and STYLE of your motorcycle.









Price List

1 Gel Pack and/or small foam alteration $175
2 Gel Packs and foam alteration $225
Foam alteration with gels and (NEW) Black Vinyl Skin $375
Technical foam alteration with new skin starts at $425, gels are $100 Extra
Custom inlaid skins start at $675  (This service includes gel packs and foam alterations FREE) 

None of these prices include SHIPPING or RUSH ORDER FEES
Existing seat covers can be reused in MINOR foam alterations.
Sometimes we can alter the existing cover if it does not fit.
We make every effort to SAVE the old cover and SAVE YOU $$$$


Foam Kits: $15

shipped directly to you.  (PLEASE NOTE: This $15 fee will be refunded upon ordering our service.)    

Our Foam Kits help adjust comfort and support for your lower back and if needed, can move you closer to the handlebars. The proper support helps ensure longer and more enjoyable riding. Check out what everyone’s saying!

Don’t guess- Test out what will make your ride more comfortable.

Order our “Foam Kit” - which comes with rigid foam wedges (mimics Harley seat foam) and instructions. 

Foam Kit Mailed to you. Instructions included to test foam wedges for comfort

WATCH: How to use Foam Kit - Harley Davidson Foam Alteration Wild Ride Customs: Watch Now



If you would like something embroidered onto panels in your seat we can assist you with that.  Any design that your want embroidered must be digitized and embroidered before we can match up the templates, so separate costs are associated with this service.  Extra time is also needed for this type of service but it’s oh so worth it. Embroidery has 2 stages. One is digitizing the idea and the other is the actual embroidery. 2 expenses wrapped into 1. Embroidery starts at $150 for mach up and first stitch out of ONE design. Then $50 for each additional stitch out.


Vinyl Samples

Need to match your seat to your paint job? Send us some photos so we can help and/or browse our vinyl catalog from Miami Corp. (links below) to find the color/grains/texture that suits you. 

Browse Vinyl Samples - by clicking on the below links

  • Colors: Check out various colors and grains (Please be sure to call us if you have questions or can’t find what you are looking for!)
  • Faux Leather: Exotics & Skins - Looking for something unusual? We have plenty of ideas to share….
  • Camouflage Vinyl: Very popular and “eye-catching” vinyl that will turn heads.

Order Vinyl Samples: $10 - mailed directly to you.  (PLEASE NOTE: This $10 fee will be refunded upon ordering our service.)    

Simply email us and include:

  1. The Sample #(s) of each vinyl (PLEASE NOTE- no more than 6 samples max.)
  2. Your name and mailing address

Your samples will quickly be mailed to you for your review.  

Wide selection of colors, textures & grains... Even Camo Vinyl!!!


Add style and comfort to your Wild Ride, choose from any of our custom services above.