We know it’s tough to ride a motorcycle without a seat (we’ve tried). We make every effort to make turn-around time as quick as possible. We too, want you on the road! Generally, normal turnaround time is 12-20 business days, depending on design work. If the road is calling and you need it fast- we do offer Rush Orders! Call us to discuss your needs. 


How long does a rush order take?   

Custom covers have a limit on turnaround (+2 weeks) - especially inlaid seats with designs



The customer will generally pay $50-100 extra for a rush order, plus expedited shipping. 

  • All shipping costs associated with rush order will be paid by the customer
  • A $50 fee is associated with a gel pack rush
  • A $100 fee is associated with a foam alteration and a new plain cover (black vinyl with any color stitching