If you have a good idea what you’d like us to do for you- fantastic- contact us for a firm quote. If not, let us help you by answering questions and proposing options! Many people send us photos and ask for design ideas and color options. We can probably offer ideas you’ve never even thought about. Our mission is to turn your seat into “Your seat” and make your ride as stylish and comfortable as possible.

Services & Pricing:

  • Determine what you’d like us to do by checking out our photo gallery and services page or- send us a photo of you on your bike (or any example!) so we can pinpoint what you need.
    • Comfort upgrades could include foam contour alterations and/or gel pack installation.
    • Custom covers involve color/pattern/stitching choice.
    • Embroidered names, logos and graphics involve font, placement, color and design.
  • Contact us to discuss any designs/enhancements and to get a firm quote. Be sure to let us know if it is a Rush Order.
  • Order color samples or a foam kit if necessary.

Getting your seat to us:

After removing your seat - simply box it up and send to us.

  • Remove your seat (usually just a few bolts- watch our video if you need help!)
  • Get a shipping box (measure seat dimensions and get a shipping box- available in places such as UPS, FedEx, Post Office, etc.). Box seat up.
  • Box up your seat and send to us. The box size 32x20x14 is typical for a 2-up seat. Shipping is usually under $100 roundtrip unless you need express services. This discounted service fee must be paid before shipment. Simply pay online which then allows you to print a shipping label. Then: print label and tape to shipping box. The return shipping will be billed along with the completion of your services. WATCH: How to REMOVE your Harley Davidson seat: Watch Now
  • Ship your seat to us. We’ll fulfill your order and ship back to you.
  • You re-install your seat and you are back on the road!
  • Purchase your Discounted Shipping label HERE.