Bikers seeking a more comfortable and fashionable seat ask many questions, and they should. There are many companies and options out there. However, few do what we do. Re-cover and enhance the seat you have (why buy new?) and save big time!  Below are some of the often asked questions we get:

What does a gel pack do?

Gel packs absorb the pressure on your tail bone and essentially your "butt-bones".  They remove a lot of the vibration and enhance the riders comfort, especially for long rides.

Do you offer embroidery?

Absolutely! If you would like something embroidered onto panels in your seat we can assist you with that.  Any design that your want embroidered must be digitized and embroidered before we can match up the templates, so separate costs are associated with this service.  Extra time is also needed for this type of service but it’s oh so worth it. Embroidery has 2 stages. One is digitizing the idea and the other is the actual embroidery. 2 expenses wrapped into 1. Embroidery starts at $150 for mach up and first stitch out of ONE design. Then $50 for each additional stitch out.

What is the turn-around time?

For the typical gel pack insert 2 - 3 days in house. If you have a technical foam alteration along with new seat cover at least a week. If you are getting a completely custom cover 2 - 3 weeks.  These times can change depending on the seasons, but we will inform you of any delays. Rush order services are available for a fee.  Shipping costs are never included with the labor prices.

What is the typical cost?

The typical service is a double gel pack insert or single gel pack insert with a small foam alteration, which ranges between $175 & $225 plus shipping. Gel packs, technical foam alterations and basic covers range from $375 to $575.  Completely custom covers with all the goodies (foam, gels, custom inlays, etc....) easily $675 plus. Shipping is around $100 round trip. The return shipping will be billed along with the completion of your services. 

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful Brentwood New Hampshire 15 minutes from the Massachusetts border.

What type of materials do you offer?

We can supply almost any color of vinyl and all types of pattern choices (alligator, snake, cow)  We like to work with vinyl because it lasts longer and requires barely any care, where leather shrinks, needs care, and scuffs easily.  THIS does not mean we will not work with it.  Inlaid seats are usually done with leather, but there are much higher costs associated with leather projects. 

Can you alter my existing seat?

We are in business to alter your seat.  A lot of times people want a small tweak to their seat to give it a personal touch fitted right to them.  Buying a brand new expensive seat rarely solves this issue, and if you don't like it you’re stuck with an expensive dust collector.

What’s better- Buy a new seat or have my original seat customized?

Our custom services are outlined throughout the website.  Gel pack inserts, foam alterations, embroidery, and custom seat covers are our specialty.

Do you offer custom services?

Our custom services are outlined throughout the website.  Gel pack inserts, foam alterations, embroidery, and custom seat covers are our specialty.

Can you cut down the pan?

We can cut seat pans down and build a seat cover to fit that new style, but we don't build seat pans.

What is the warranty?

We offer a one year warranty on craftsmanship.  We do not guarantee the difference in your riding comfort, but we will do one alteration for free if we were completely off the mark. We pick up the shipping ONE way.

What happens if I’m not happy?

It's very rare to find someone unhappy, but sometimes a comfort or height level is not completely reached.  We will attend to this with a free alteration.  If a custom cover is involved with the alteration and will not fit back on, then a labor fee will be involved.

How long does a gel pack last?

Our gel packs will last for the life of the seat and NEVER have to be changed.  Some gel packs on the market are water based and lose their comfort over time.

Do you provide FREE estimates/consultation?

We love receiving emails about your ideas, so please feel free to email us about your project.

Do you work with “memory foam”?

We do work with memory foam but it's pretty rare.  Our medium density foam usually does the trick.

What does density mean?

Density in foam is measured by how much weight it can take per square inch.  We use 3 densities which are pretty common, 35, 45, and 55.  55 density is to build structure on a seat, while 35 and 45 are for comfort.

What kind of thread do you use?

We use first-quality polyester thread. This product is perfect for the elements and will stand up for a number of years.

What’s your most requested service?

Our most common service is a double gel pack insert, one for the driver and one for the passenger.

How many seats have you done? 

We have performed this service for people well over 200 times.

Do you work on other types of seats?

We will recover any type of seat: Can-Am, Ruckus, Cafe Racer, Bobber, and ATVs.  Please- NO SNOWMOBILE SEATS

I love color- can you help me?

Samples colors can be requested and shipped right to you for a small cost. 

Can you help me with design?

We can design something for you and with you, or we can use your ideas to build your very own custom look.

Can you repair my existing cover? 

We can repair seat covers while you’re getting other services at the shop.  Panels can usually be swapped out, but sometimes doing that takes as much labor as building a brand new cover.

How long have you been doing this?

Between myself and my partners - a combined 55 years of custom work.

Can you replicate an existing design?

I can replicate almost anything, especially a design from another bike seat company or an existing look you already have on your seat.  Just email me your ideas.

What kind of sewing machine do you use?

We use Juki sewing machines.  They really get the job done.

Can I provide my own materials?

The craftsmanship is not guaranteed if we use your materials but we will use them if that what you would like.  Obviously the materials must be appropriate for the job.